Cloud Scanner


What is the Cloud Scanner used for?

The Cloud Scanner is used in hospitals to help manage inventory of reusable items by tracking usage throughout their life cycle. The Cloud Scanner notifies the worker when an item has reached the end of its life cycle and needs to be discarded. Inventory, consumption rates, and usage trends can be monitored closely in real time online. The Cloud Scanner enables hospitals to optimize the usage of their reusable items, better manage inventory, and ultimately reduce waste.

What’s Inside?

What is the Cloud Scanner composed of?

The self-contained unit houses the chip and antenna for reading/writing RFID Tags. The unit has a built in 3G cellular modem and Ethernet that can be used for network connectivity. On the outside of the unit there is a set of LEDs, a buzzer, and an OLED display.

What does the Cloud Scanner come with?

The Cloud Scanner is a single self-contained unit. Included is an AC adapter (wall wart) for power, Ethernet cable for networking, and installation & mounting hardware. Access to the online Management Dashboard will be set up for you.

Installation & Mounting Hardware

The self-contained unit can be mounted to a wall using the mounting holes or simply rested on a table or shelf.

Warning: Do not attempt to open the self-contained assembly.

Getting Started

How to set up your Cloud Scanner.

Setting up your Cloud Scanner to begin tracking inventory is extremely quick. Simply plug in the network cable, power, and let the device turn on.

1) Plug in Network Cable

Skip this step if you wish to use the cellar modem

2) Plug in Power

Use the included USB C power adapter or any 5V 3A power brick

3) Let device boot-up

Cloud Scanner will automatically connect to the internet over Ethernet or cellular

4) Ready to go!

The device may take a few minutes to connect to the internet.

If the device is connected with Ethernet, an IP address will be shown.

If the device has a cellular connection, the connection strength will be shown.

The moving bar at the bottom of the screen indicates the unit is actively searching for tags.

Mounting the Unit

The unit can be mounted to a flat surface in any orientation. This can be a table, wall, or otherwise. It is recommended that the unit be mounted in an ergonomic position and at a routine collection point for the item being tracked. This could be beside the washing machines or laundry station.

Using the Cloud Scanner

Bring the gown towards the scanner

  • Only bring one item towards the unit at a time.

  • The unit will pick up any tags in front of the unit up to 3 feet away.

  • The unit will light up, letting the user know if they should keep or discard the item.

Keep using Gown

  • Displays # of uses reaming

  • Lights up green

  • Audible chime

Discard the Gown

  • Displays "Discard"

  • Lights up red

  • Audible chime


Reusable items, such as gowns, are to be scanned once per use. It is recommended to scan the items at the same point in their cycle. For example, right before they go into the washing machine or at the laundry return station. When the item has been used as many times as its life cycle permits, it is then discarded.

If an item is accidentally scanned multiple times consecutively, the Cloud Scanner will know not to record these as uses and will display the same information as the previous scan.

Offline Mode

If the device is disconnected from the internet, it will enter "offline mode". The unit can continue to scan tags, log usage, and tell users to dispose or keep the gowns. However the data will not be reported to the cloud.

The device will continually try to reconnect to the cloud. If internet connection is not restored after a prolonged period of time, the device will reboot itself.

Using the Management Dashboard

Login Page

What is the Management Dashboard?

The Management Dashboard is your tool for gaining full insight into the usage, trends, inventory and more, of your reusable resources. With easy online access, you are able to monitor in real time the inventory levels, consumption rates, and availability of your tracked items. Predictive analytics can be enabled to provide automated alerts and auto-generated summary reports can be configured as well.

Getting Set Up

To access your Management Dashboard go to: Your account information should have already been sent to you. If you have not received your account information or you are having issues with your account please contact:


QuickView PanelsImportant information summarizing the inventory status are displayed up top in 4 panels.

  • Consumption used is the total number of times a item has been scanned.

  • Units uses is the number of items have have been used at least once / opened.

  • Units in batch is the total number of units in the batch

  • Estimated run time is the expected number of days the current inventory will last

Charts – customizable charts display useful information including historical consumption rates and trends, as well as visual representations of inventory.

  • Line graph shows usage for the past 7 days

  • Pie chart display what portion of the batch has been discarded, still in use, or unopened.

Scan Loglog of recent scans

Coming Soonnew features in development

  • Report generation allows users to download PDF or spreadsheet data

  • Alerts can notify users when inventory levels are low

  • Support for more product is also coming soon

Technical Specifications

Physical Properties

The Cloud Scanner measures approximately 25 cm X 25 cm X 12 cm. and weighs 1750 grams. The unit is fully encased however is not sealed, and should avoid getting wet.

RF Protocols

The Cloud Scanner employs EPC UHF Gen2 Air Interface Protocol technology. The Cloud Scanner operates at a frequency of 860 MHz - 960 MHz UHF range .

Network Protocols

For network connectivity, the Cloud Scanner has two options: Ethernet, or the built-in 3G cellular modem. It is recommended to use the Ethernet cable as a wired internet connection is more reliable. If the network cable is not plugged in the unit will automatically try to establish cellular connectivity. The modem is designed to work globally and does not require any setup. However, in some countries carrier-specific issues may arise and the unit may have difficulty connecting to the cell network. If this is the case for you, please contact for a patch.


The Cloud Scanner is configured to read tags 1-2 feet away. The antenna power can however be lowered or boosted. Reading range can also be affected by the environment it is in.